“ All the good speakers always had a stage fear at one or the other time during their life time and even I was myself shy and had stage fear when I was young.” These words were said by Abraham Lincoln.

A good speaker is fearless of the stage and is not hesitant to face the large crowd while delivering his speeches. But all the speakers were not born as good speakers. In their early days of speaking, most of them fumbled, and at times they even made a mess of themselves. They are good speakers today only because they have removed their stage fear by rigorous practice sessions and inculcating a self confidence in them.

It is crystal clear that the removal of stage fear is the stepping stone to the pillars of success of effective speaking.

For the removal of stage fear it is very important to understand the meaning of stage fear.

What is Stage Fear?
Stage fear is the increase of the heartbeat a few minutes prior to your speech that continues one minute after the completion of your speech. Your hands and body become completely cold and to be very precised, rock hard cold.

Following are some of the examples and results of stage fear:-

  • Your speech is very well prepared but you forget the speech once you are on the stage.
  • You begin to fumble in your words while on the stage and then you keep on fumbling.
  • Your speech becomes absolutely fast and you complete your speech in 30% lesser time than what it actually should have been in.
  • You drop the idea of delivering the speech at the last moment.
  • You lose your self confidence while coming on the stage. ( In fact stage fear eats away 90% of your self confidence)
  • You have too many fog-horns in your speech.

The above list is only illustrative; there can be numerous other examples and results.

A Million Dollar question “How to remove stage fear? ”

The stage fear can be removed by the following:-

1. Self Belief
The speaker should highly believe in himself and should possess a feeling “Yes, I can”. Keep reminding these words to yourself, not just for delivering a speech but whatever you do.

2. Be Patient, Cool and Calm
These three help to reduce the sudden increase in heartbeat at the stage.

3. High level of motivation
A highly motivated speaker overcomes the stage fear at the earliest. So never let your motivation go down, come what may. Under no circumstances feel demotivated.

4. Practice Well
A pre-written speech should be practised well in advance. It boosts up the confidence level and will remove your fear to some extent.

5. Improve your Vocabulary
If you have a good vocabulary then you have a lot to speak. Even in case you forget your speech, you would have lot of words to play with so that you may not fumble.

There is a hidden speaker among all of us, but the fear of stage does not let the speaker spirit in us come out.

Stage fear is just a thought of adversity. Adversity causes some men to break and others to break records.

–By CA. Puneet Kumar Bansal (YMCA batch)

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